International success for two Maltese youths with the song Strip Search

September 5, 2012 | Posted By: | News |

Two Maltese youths with a talent in music worked with an international artist on their song that not only topped our local charts but it’s playing in Europe, Africa and soon to be distributed in the States and Japan. The artists are Kelly Schembri and Stephen Davids together with Honorebel they have produced the success of the song “Strip Search”. We went to meet Stephen & Kelly during their official filming of their song.

Zewg zghazagh Maltin b’talent fil-muzika fl-ahhar xhur hadmu ma’ artist internazzjonali fuq diska li mhux biss sparat ‘il fuq fic-charts taghna izda qieghda tindaqq fl-Ewropa, l-Afrika …u dalwaqt anke fl-Istati Uniti, u l-Gappun. L-artisti huma Kelly u Steve Davids li flimkien ma HONOREBLE holqu s-success ‘STRIPSEARCH’. Iltqajna ma’ Steve u Kelly waqt il-filming tal-vidjo ufficcjali ta’ din d-diska.