Stephen Davids has more than a few talents to offer. With a proven track record of success on both the front lines of the music industry as well as behind the scenes, he has demonstrated his committed work ethic and amazing skills in the areas of music event organization, music production, creative designing as well as advertising and promotional marketing. Operating as the mind behind some very high profile and celebrity involved events, club parties, and promotions, he has become invaluable as an organizer and contributor to the productions. He also works with other international businesses to assist them in the development of their personal branding strategy and image creation in order to help them attain their goals. Currently based in Europe, Stephen David Bell (Stephen’s given and offstage name) fondly calls his original home the Maltese Islands. Born in the Maltese Islands in 1987, his mother is Maltese and his father is Scottish. His artistic roots developed from an early age, when he excelled in the areas of both sports and drama. Often given the lead parts in drama productions, these opportunities carried on well into his secondary school years. He also received several awards and consistent recognition for his athletic talents and was also the first to score for his local Verdala Titans Hockey Club!

Stephen Davids Bio

Stephen Davids

He most clearly remembers taking on organizational roles from the age of 15 with his numerous club involvements. He organized a skating show that attracted much attention from his fellow students and was one of his first successes. Upon completion of secondary school, Stephen took an active role in organizing parties for the underground scene which included mainly electronic and techno music. His combined passion for music as well as his interest and skill in the development and operation of the music business merged. His professional name and that of his founded business called Score Music Agency soon gained a reputation for superb event organization, coordination and production; he still has followers from those days asking him to do similar work even now into 2012. He held jam packed events attended by a full house to see international artists arriving from around the globe. Many long-time friends and industry connections were established and have grown from the early days of Score Music Agency’s operation. This is where the music production all started and evolved, from the event planning and the production of songs and music introductions used to personalize the opening of his events. He mostly enjoys music from the genres o Alternative, Rock, Electro, Pop, Dance and R&B. Stephen has been inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Tinie Timpah and Sweedish House Mafia.

Much experimentation and open minded risk taking went into the development of his venues around the young age of only 16 years old. It was a gamble on how the parties would turn out, but Stephen wanted to try it out and make these events as successful as they could be. For the love of music, Stephen persisted. The costs of coordinating these parties were high and quite involved in terms of the planning. He took care of the whole event and learnt from the basics of the marketing and animation side, to the more complicated aspects of event hosting and delivery. Taking on another role as a waiter or delivery person was not suited to Stephen now as he was beginning to enter the circle of high profile professionals in the music and business scene through his networking engagements.

At the time Stephen was also dealing with the realities of the heavy party scene, which included turbulence in his life. Some individuals of that crowd, including Stephen made it through the tough years and are choosing to move ahead in their lives. He is self-taught and ultra-motivated; he has moved into the professional realm of design, having earned his way into new positions in the industry. Stephen had been working his way up through his skills use and career position when different opportunities arose. Three years ago he successfully created the first Football Club in his locality after many others before him had failed in their efforts. He also proudly remembers doing a party which featured two international acts. There he landed a career another opening when booking agent Fernando Mendez offered to him to work as an organiser in Berlin. However, he declined as he did not want to go abroad at the time. Throughout this time, from the ages of 16-18, he was teaching himself extensively and refining his skills further. He decided to also start a college program when he was 18 but then opted to drop out of the program in the second year after he was offered an irrefutable position. He has more recently worked as a senior designer, and was even invited back by the same college he once attended to give motivational talks to students. His career has evolved to a higher level which has allowed him involvement in animations, 3d, and commercial and sound production.

Stephen has not been as involved in the music industry for the past several years until this year, although he has kept pace with current happenings within the industry all along. Since he has often completed work in websites and design, he was frequently requested to work on freelance projects both locally and internationally. One of them was that of doing the website of American hip hop sensation Honorebel, who has produced soundtracks alongside music icons such as Pitbull, Flo-Rida and others. His latest music venture started out when Stephen was just joking with Honorebel about doing a track; it has now become a reality. Working with friend Gerrard James Borg who is one of the best song writers locally and abroad, the fantastic new track Strip Search has emerged and is set to be released this Summer. A multination alliance from Florida, Malta, Sweden and London has collaborated to create this track which is aiming to set both temperatures and hit ratings high this summer!

As for future plans, Stephen hopes to create an inspiration in his homeland of Malta and positively influence the music scene there and abroad. He is already working on 2 new tracks called Winner and Blackette which will feature more international artists, so stay tuned by following Davids on his Twitter, Facebook and his official Website

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